How to Create a Public Link (URL) to your Amazon S3 files

1) Install S3Fox Organizer into FireFox browser (or choose a different tool to work with Amazon S3).

2) Create a new unique “bucket” (or use an existing bucket you have created).  Upload your files

3) Right click on the file (on S3) and click “Edit ACL” (stands for “Access Control List”). [Picture shown below.]  Click on the intersection of “Read” and “Everyone” indicating that it will be public to the world (for read only). Then click “Ok”.

Amazon S3 - Access Control List (ACL)

4) You can then share the file with a URL, like this:
(just substitute your bucket name for “mybucket” and your filename for “myfile.txt”). Use the normal HTML anchor link to a link to

the file on a web page so someone can download it. Or use it in an image tag to put an image (or video) on your web page).

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