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What CMS’s does Fantastico handle?

Probably the easiest way to install a CMS is by using Fantastico (a tool included in the “CPanel” software that is included with most common LAMP-stack hosting systems). LAMP by the way is Linux, Apache, MySql, and PHP (or Python/Perl). Unless looking for a Windows or Java solution, most people who purchase a typical hosting […]


PHP Redirect Script (from PHP-Fusion to WordPress)

What problem does this script solve? If you convert your site from PHP-Fusion to WordPress (or any other system), other websites might have “deep” links (like this: (for example: into the content of your site, and you don’t want them seeing an ugly page like this: Thus the solution follows: <?php Header( "HTTP/1.1 301 […]


My Mass Money Maker Review

So, Mass Money Makers is just about to launch and it seems to like that everyone is on board. I am sure that you will receive like ten more emails about it, but I got a sneak peek at the product, and want to give you my review. So, what is Mass Money Makers? It’s […]