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Does Google Calendar Really Drop Your Pop-Up and Email Reminders?

I rely heavily on Google Calendar to notify me of events, and it has never failed until today!  Normally, I get a pop-up, an email, and my Android phone reminds me as well. But yesterday, I had an important interview, so to make it stand out from all my other daily tasks, I moved it […]


How to Create a Public Link (URL) to your Amazon S3 files

1) Install S3Fox Organizer into FireFox browser (or choose a different tool to work with Amazon S3). 2) Create a new unique “bucket” (or use an existing bucket you have created).  Upload your files 3) Right click on the file (on S3) and click “Edit ACL” (stands for “Access Control List”). [Picture shown below.]  Click […]


Start a WordPress “Membership” site for under $100

A few years ago, I needed a quick and easy way to create a membership site for my Spanish lessons. I wanted to use WordPress for the site, and set off looking for membership software. There are two reasons for wanting a membership site: 1) to build continuity income (members pay a monthly fee), or […]