WordPress – Linking Navigation Menu (Header) to Blogs

For a few years now, WordPress has been more than a blogging tool. By creating “Pages” instead of “Posts”, you can create web pages for your site. On many of my WordPress sites, I have pages as the main content, with links on the navigation menu, but I also have a link to the blogs. How is this done?

On the left menu of the WordPress dashboard, click on “Settings” than “Reading”.  These settings determine how your site will appear to “readers”, i.e. those browsing or viewing your site.

WordPress - Settings - Reading

The original default for most bloggers, is that the blog will appear as the home page, in other words for the setting above “Front page displays” will be set to “Your Latest Posts”.

To set your home page to a “Page” instead of a blog, create the page first, then click the round radio button beside “a static page”, and then select the page you want to display as your home page.  Most likely, you will just create a page called “Home”, and make that your home page.

But now, here is the slight trick.  You can set a “page” to show your “blogs” (or “posts”).  Just create an empty page called something like “Blog” or “Posts” or “My-Blogs”. Then pick it from the list above where it says “Post Page”.  Then in your header/navigation/menu, add that page as a link.  Then when someone clicks on that link, they will be directed to your most recent blogs.

See an example of this at my site http://NealWalters.com or http://BizTalk-Training.com (learn BizTalk).

You will note above the “Socrates” menu on the left.  This is a great new WordPress theme I just discovered, click here (Socrates) for a 10 minute video on how to use this great them them.


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