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Offsite Video – Upgrading Moodle (Using CPanel)

I found this great video that shows you how to update Moodle (a learning management system or LMS). This video shows some tricks I have never seen before, the author uses CPanel to do everything. Amoxil This could perhaps be a lot faster than doing an FTP of hundreds of small files (in other words, […]


Embedding YouTube to Moodle

How to get the “embed” code from YouTube, and place the video in your Moodle lesson:


Creating a Quiz in Moodle in Four Easy Steps

(mm:ss) refers to the time markers in the video below: 1. Question Bank (0:00 – 3:55) 2. Add Quiz Activity (3:55-6:15) 3. Add Questions to Quiz (6:15-6:56) 4. Preview the Quiz (6:56-8:07)