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How to Install and Use Pligg’s “RSS Importer”

“RSS Importer” was dropped in Pligg 1.0.2. The website forum says that it Step 1 – Download For release 1.1.5, I found the most recent install in a link in the “online store” for Pligg. The product “My-RSS” apparently relies on “RSS Importer” to be installed. So the following link worked for me: Download RSS […]


How to Add a SideBar in Pligg

Pligg is an open source CMS that allows you to create a site similar to Digg. In all my Pligg sites, I wanted to add a side-bar or “side-panel” to contain a small list of links to other of my own websites for SEO optimation (backlinks). It’s fairly painless, you have to edit one file […]