Start a WordPress “Membership” site for under $100

A few years ago, I needed a quick and easy way to create a membership site for my Spanish lessons. I wanted to use WordPress for the site, and set off looking for membership software.

There are two reasons for wanting a membership site: 1) to build continuity income (members pay a monthly fee), or 2) you want to have “secret” or “private” information that is only shown to registered members (i.e. you want to collect their email addresses for marketing).

I discovered “WishList”. It’s easy to install as a WordPress plug-in, and there are at least 50 videos available on their site, that teach the ins and outs of the tool. After installing, and set up your multiple membership levels, it’s easy to associate any WordPress page or post to one or more membership levels.

You can start with $97 for one site, but I went with the $297 for unlimited sites. For more info, click the banner below.

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