Neal’s List of Must-Have (Favorite) WordPress PlugIns

As of June/July 2011, these are the WordPress PlugIns that I use across most all of my WordPress sites. In the future, as I find new ones, I will post here.

The PlugIns include:
1. Akismet – the standard SPAM prevention tool
2. Delete Pending Comments = useful for deleting a lot of old SPAM comments
3. RSS Icon Widget – A quick and easy way to put an RSS Icon on your sidebar via a widget. This is important, so that people will subscribe to your RSS feed and read your blog more
4. Three Way Links – A great way to get backlinks for SEO/traffic
5. Ultimate Google Analytics – simply paste in your Google Analytics number; the nice thing is, when you are logged on, it doesn’t add to the traffic/hits
6. WordPress Database Backus – automatically mails a backup of the MySQL database to you once per week

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