Moodle’s Recent Past and Future

I hadn’t checked on Moodle in the last few months, so I reviewed their progress today, and was delighted to see their progress.  Release 2.0 is a major new release that became available Nov 24, 2010. My production Moodle video-training sites will soon be upgraded to use it.  I don’t like to be “bleeding-edge” (at least on my production sites) when most new products come out, give a month or two to “settle” in, then I try it.

Moodle has a “cozaar generic available target=”_blank”>roadmap” showing what’s coming  in Release 2.1, anticipated June this year.  Their roadmap doesn’t look very far in the future.  I’m sure they have bigger plans, but probably keeping them underwraps.  2.1 will include rewriting of the grading interfaces, including rubrics”, and a total rewrite of their quiz module

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