First Results of PHP-Fusion to WordPress Conversion

Today, I ran the following steps (elapsed time specified is an extreme high for each step):

1) Used Fantastico from CPanel to install WordPress in a subdirectory called wordpress on
Then did upgrade to 3.0.4 since Fantastico installed 3.0.3. (10 minutes). This will allow us to practice, and build the new site while the old site is still working (you will of course need a hosting plan that allows two MySQL databases to this). The alternative is to build the new site somewhere else (another domain), then move it over later.
2) Used FTP to upload two PHP export programs to my site (root directory, but that shouldn’t matter) (2-3 minutes):
3) Ran the two programs:
a) (I had 13 custom pages that were exported)
b) (I had 71 articles that were exported)
(2-3 minutes tops):
4) Used FTP to download these two files (2-3 minutes):
a) WordPressExport_CustomPages.xml
b) WordPressExport_News.xml
5) Logged on to the WordPress admin site created above (2 minutes)
6) Clicked Tools/Import – then installed the WordPress “importer” (2 minutes)
7) Clicked Tools/Import/WordPress – then uploaded the first file, then repeated for the second file. (2 minutes)
8) All posts/pages are now in an draft state.

From within WordPress, you can use the “”Bulk-Action” and “apply” button to mass publish them. I also did the following. I published the “Home” page that carried across. Then I made that the default page of the website. (This is done by clicking “Settings/Reading”, click the radio button labeled “a static page”, then select your “Home” page from the list. Then to get the link to the “blogs”, do this:
8a) Create a empty page called “Blog” (or whatever name you prefer),
8b) Go to Settings/Reading and select “Blog” as the Posts page.
8c) If you want a custom menu, go to “Appearance/Menus” and set it up there.

The above worked fine. The one enhancement I may go back and work on is that the categories didn’t come across. I chose to let the posts automatically be published, but the pages be manually published, after I make manual changes to them. I’ll need to check all my posts (formerly news/articles) to see if there were any images that aren’t working properly). I haven’t even changed the default 2010 theme, but you can see the results so far here: (you can copy/paste the link, I didn’t want the search engines to index it yet, so I didn’t put an anchor link here).

I plan on putting the code and steps on CodePlex in the future. If you want it before then, please reply with your email in a comment below.

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